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Please join us for our Sunday Celebration Service!  Time: 10:00 am

If you consider yourself Spiritual but not Religious, or you are questioning your childhood faith or simply looking for something more, Unity may feel like a homecoming.

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Join the Sunshine Committee!

Receive a card from a member of your community can make a world of difference when you are not feeling well or in need of some words of encouragement.
This is what Sunshine Committee does!

Do you want to bring a little Sunshine into someone's life?
Please send an email if you would like to bring a little Sunshine into someone's life.
We promise it will bring Sunshine into your life as well!
Email Marie at or Leanne at

Need a little more Sunshine in your life?
If you are in need of a little more Sunshine in your life please reach out to us!
Email Marie at or Leanne at

Peace In A Bottle Holiday Project and Fundraiser


This treasure is a sweet little bottle with the "Prayer for Protection" on a scroll inside, decorated with shiny crystal beads.  Handmade by the members of Unity of Tri-Valley in Dublin, California.

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Do you sometimes order merchandise from If so, you can do so through this website, which is an effortless way to financially support UTV. Simply click on "Click Here to do Your Shopping" below, and the Amazon home page will pop up (your own account if you have one). Then for whatever you order, a part of the cost will be given to UTV-costing you nothing extra! It's a simple way to raise funds for our spiritual community!

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Divine wisdom is my compass.

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