Unity of Tri-Valley Prayer Chaplains serve our spiritual community through the loving service of prayer support.  They are congregants who have special and continuing training in praying affirmatively for and with those who request prayer, whether through written prayer requests (available in your Center Sunday Service Program), in person or email requests.

Prayer Chaplains serve during each Sunday Service as leaders of the community meditations and are available for one-on-one prayer following the Service to those requesting prayer support.  They are located in the Prayer Room after Service.

Prayer Chaplains:

* Hold spiritual space with you as you pray together 
* Lovingly Listen 
* Pray from the heart
* Hold in confidence what is shared
* Then let go and let God do the work, knowing that with God all things are possible

To send a prayer request to our chaplains, please email 


Silent Unity is a worldwide prayer ministry that, for more than 120 years, has been in continuous prayer with people of all faiths 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If you have an immediate prayer request, call Silent Unity at: 800-669-7729 (800-NOW PRAY) to have a trained prayer ministry associate pray with you RIGHT NOW.