Closing Ceremony - April 21


Dear Friends of Unity of Tri-Valley ,

In our e-zine on 3-22-19, we announced:

The results are in. Last Sunday [March 17th] our community held a special meeting and the outcome of the vote is that Unity of Tri-Valley will hold its last official service at Amador Plaza on April 21, Easter Sunday, and will dissolve as a non-profit corporate entity.”

What does this mean?

Unity of Tri-Valley is closing. While the result of the vote of the members was to dissolve Unity of Tri-Valley as a non-profit corporate entity, we are staying open in our hearts to the leading of God and to the infinite possibilities in which our individual lives will be enriched and nourished by Spirit in the days to come and well into the future. The doors of the physical building are closing, but we are open to God. 

Many connections and friendships have been formed while on this shared journey of Oneness, and they will not dissolve. Groups are forming already for spiritual support, fellowship, and spiritual growth. We are fortunate that there are several New Thought churches in the Bay Area and many ways to study spiritual truth online, through group study, and at other spiritual centers.

What’s Next?

We are scheduled to be completely moved out of our facility (meeting space) at Amador Plaza by April 30. This is a BIG endeavor to be accomplished in a short period of time, and we are grateful for all the AMAZING volunteers who have helped us get this move underway. Our awesome board of trustees is working tirelessly. Letting go can be difficult, and so we choose to acknowledge our feelings, and shift into gratitude, appreciation, and confident assurance knowing that Spirit is moving us toward “greater things” in various new ways. We get to write a new chapter in our next evolutionary unfoldment!

What Can You Do?

Pray - As you know, affirmative prayer is the foundation of Unity. We are praying for the highest and best good of our spiritual community, every member of Unity of Tri-Valley, the leaders, and all those whose lives have been touched by this ministry. “The effectual, fervent prayers of the righteous avails much.”

Come celebrate! We understand that Easter is a major holiday, with many pre-planned commitments. If you can, please join us in a special Sunday celebration and ceremony on April 21 and a “brunch style” potluck following the service. We will be coming together to love and appreciate the shoulders upon which we have stood, to share the story of this center, and to bless everyone as we go our various ways on the spiritual path.

We are inviting all to come this special Easter Day service on April 21, from near and far. Sunday service begins at 10:00 a.m., and our morning meditation is at 9:30. Our special guests will be Rev. Micah Murdock and Rev. David Deerfeeder. The Unity Singers and Nancy Iskander, our music director, are preparing special music. In parallel with the Easter story, we have a story we can tell about our past, present, and future. It's a story of resurrection and life to create new ways to gather, to heal, to pray, and to impact our world for good.  Those of you who can, please join us!

Hope to see you soon.

Peace & blessings to all,
Rev. Dinah

and the UTV Board of Trustees