Our Furnishings Blessing Others

Abundance Abounds All Around!


Blessings are manifesting during our closing process as our inventory and furnishings begin to find new homes. The universal law of circulation at work. When we set our intention to be a channel for good and to be open to the giving  and willing Spirit of God, we put ourselves into a divine flow. We shall continue to affirm divine order in all we think, say, and do as we go through this “letting go” process and prepare for new horizons in our spiritual journey. Here are some couple of examples of what’s unfolding:


Peace in a Bottle - A few months ago, we decided to tally up the last of our inventory of “Peace in a Bottle” necklaces to see if we could sell them. We still had quite a few left and tried a couple of ways to sell them last fall, but only sold a few more. So, with what is left in stock, they are going to be given to a worthy cause, to hospice patients in Solano County! How fantastic is that? Wow! We are grateful for Bonnie Rathjen for spearheading this creative project, all volunteer collaborators who filled and assembled the bottles, and all their efforts and energy in bring these gifts forth into expression so that they could BLESS others!


The Angel Painting - Many of you might recall seeing this painting in our sanctuary. The water and pastel painting, The Ascension of St Michael, was donated by artist Karen Haughey to Unity of Fremont several decades ago. Karen typically paints for specific parties so the painting was done with the intention of finding its home with Unity of Fremont. When Unity of Fremont dissolved 5 years ago, assets including the painting were gifted to UTV. 


It was important that Karen be involved in finding the next home for the painting so I contacted her. Although she had no recommendations she volunteered to retouch and reframe the painting for its next home.  A computer search revealed a St. Michael church in Livermore and the same day as the conversation with Karen happened, Jerry Sandbrink and Pam Boyer went to St. Michael’s with a coffee table book of about 30 of Karen’s angel paintings that was published 24 years ago. 


When they were in the church office talking with the secretary, Father Carl happened into the area. He reviewed the book, admiring various paintings. Father Carl started thinking out loud and decided he would hang the painting in the children’s chapel which is being renovated. He also invited Karen to display her work at the church property in August. Ahhh, the Power and Love of the Universe!


The painting of the Ascension of St Michael was successfully delivered to St Michael’s church this past week. The artist, Karen Haughey and Pam Boyer found the entire encounter uplifting and gratifying!  It truly has a home where it will be adored. It’s new home inside the church is not completely renovated yet. Karen was assured that she will be invited to it’s reveal.  It is currently stored in

the office. We’ll be notified when it’s revealed. 


Pam says “I don’t have the vocabulary to express the perfection of the informal time we had with the priest and staff. We then went to the sanctuary so that Karen could see the historic church. There were four women in the sanctuary,

two who were grief support and 2 for altar care.  All six of us held each other and talked and laughed. They were so loving. So perfect was the moment.”


Chairs - Our chairs in our spiritual center will go to another New Thought church, The Lighthouse Center for Spiritual Living Livermore Valley, 678 Enos Way, Parish Hall, in Livermore where Rev. Harriet Hawkins in Minister. Many of the extra chairs in storage were delivered to them as they kicked off the first service in the new meeting place! It was truly divine timing! What a gift it was to give to another spiritual community.


Children’s Church Supplies - These goodies will go to a school to help immigrant children.