Sharing UTV Stories of Gratitude

Special Gifts, Special Memories


My journey with Tri-Valley began in May 2000 when I was a traveler with the group that was attending the Passion Play in Oberammergau.  Rev. Penny Martins was also on that trip as well as Dee Roshong, Tony & Christine Mustapich.  While crossing the Atlantic, Penny told me she was considering retiring.  Her husband Dick had passed and not long before the trip she has broken her jaw as the result of a fall.  She was feeling the strain of it all.  She told me I should consider applying for the ministry there.  At that time I was in between assignments but was hoping to move away from the Bay Area because of the expense.  I was single at the time and working at a local copy store.


The summer came and Penny made the announcement that she was retiring.  I was there for her last Sunday and blessed her on her way and the next phase of her journey.  Several weeks went by and the board President Bob Hardy called me and asked me to speak.  Which I did for a couple of weeks when he asked would I be interested in applying for the job.  I left that Sunday with the question, "Is this mine to do?"  Several days later my boss at the copy store heard me talking (again) about Tri-Valley and she said, "Seriously, when are you going to take the job?"  


On the evening of October 12, 2000, at 5pm, Bob Hardy and I signed the contract.  At 7pm Patrick Harris and I married, there at Tri-Valley.  


Over the course of the next seven years we celebrated our 10th anniversary; I taught many classes thanks to people's interest in Bible history. We went on field trips, held an art exhibit, a Passover Sedar, ran the fireworks booth, moved and moved.  I left to answer the call to ministry in Tulsa 2008. The years I spent as minister were some of the best years of my life, gifting me with many friends and special memories.


- Rev. Mary Anne Harris



Charter Member Expresses Appreciation

I began attending what was then Tri-Valley Unity in 1996, a year after it began.  In fact, my membership certificate says Charter Member!

Back then I was married and had 2 teenage daughters, and of course Penny was the minister and her husband Dick was "official greeter."  We were a vibrant spiritual community, and I felt so at home, even though previously I had not known or attended any Unity congregation.

As my own life changed, with husband leaving and girls growing up and also leaving, Unity was a constant in my life.  Even though we had shifts and changes, with various ministers and people coming and going, there was still a constancy of love and like-minded spirituality.  

UTV was and has always been my spiritual FAMILY, which is an important word for me (as an only child with not many familial connections). 

We have all meant so much to each other over the years, including the people who are no longer with us.  And now hopefully we can take that spiritual nourishment and growth and light into the world, as individuals, as we disperse.

Thank you, Unity of Tri-Valley, for being my spiritual home.

- Arlene Thompson


Remembering the Love

“Unity of Tri-Valley was one of the warmest, most generous communities I have served in. One of the things that stands out to me is how loving you were to each other. No one was left on their own. I am sad that you all are losing your spiritual home, and I know nothing can replace it. UTV is unique and no other community I have been in is like yours. I hold you all in God's peace, comfort and tenderness as you walk through this journey of completion together.”

- Rev. Harriet Hawkins